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Are you planning your romantic gateway in Australia? Well, the amazingly wild, colourful and the beautiful place have loads of attractions to offer. The place is not only beautiful but amazingly beautiful. From soaking in the beauty of the wonderful landscapes to reveling in the hospitality that the place offers, you can have a whale of a time, as a newlywed, love-struck couple. The land, with its beaches, gorges, wildlife, and desserts defines the essence of an intensely passionate romantic gateway.

An Island worth Remembering

Australia Island

So, if you are lucky enough to have the Expedia coupon code, you must use it to plan your trip to the mesmerizing continent of Australia. Since you are on a honeymoon, you would look forward to spending intensely passionate private moments. The objective is to steer clear of the madding crowd’s ugly strife. The Whitsunday Island of Australia not only gives you the exotic opportunity to relax and unwind but also overwhelms you with its loneliness. Besides feasting your eyes over waters that turn turquoise during the sunset, you can also spend your romantic moments under the nodding palm trees.

Can’t- Miss The Following

marine life

Australia’s marine life is worth looking forward to. You can use the Expedia coupon code to sneak a peek at the amazingly wonderful Great Barrier Reef. Both you and your beloved will love partaking of the aquatic experiences. You may think of taking an immensely relaxing nature walk, or enjoying the food and beverage, either way, you will have fond memories to reflect upon, once you return home. A drive around the Sydney’s Ocean Road, spending an interesting evening at the Sydney-based opera houseand having a look at the Great Barrier Reef are  not be missed, if you have planned a romantic gateway in Australia.

Plan a Trip To Queensland

Trip To Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is the most sought-after attraction of Queensland, but that is not the only thing to see. Lovey-dovey couples in search of the solitude can see around its rainforests, sunshine coasts and the beaches laden with white sands. During the sunset, the coastline takes on a crimson hue, and the mesmerizing scenic beauty is something that you will love treasuring in your memory for years to come. From enjoying the ride on a boat, in the company of your spouse to catching the city’s spectacular view from the Point Cliff, you will have a plenty of things to see and do while visiting Queensland.

Enjoy Dining and Drinking

Food and Drink

During your gateway, you will also love hogging on the signature cuisine of the country. In that case, you have good reason to visit Melbourne which wins people over with its lively vibrancy. The city is known for its restaurants, cafes, and eateries. While going out on a romantic stroll with your beloved, you will love relaxing in the sidewalk cafes. If you have sufficient time, at hand, you can also make an arrangement for the wine tasting trip. After all, you have come all the way to Australia and so, you will not like missing out on the flavour and fervour of the Aussie champagne.

Be At One with Nature


If you are looking for a serene retreat in nature’s lap; then, you must make it a point to visit Tasmania. The greenery of the protected reserve-sand the lusciousness of the tropical forest will simply bowl you over. Mention needs to be also made of its rugged green topped mountains, and the spectacular wildlife. In the case, you have a flair for adventure; you will have a wonderful time hiking the scenically extravagant rain forest trails.

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